La Maddalena’s Arcipelago

La Maddalena’s Arcipelago: an unbelievable beauty of the nature.

The archipelago is situated on Sardinia’s north-eastern coast, in the Bocche di Bonifacio’s sea and in 1996 has been declared National park.
The archipelago is one of the most fascinating places in the world with its transparent waters, spectacular seafloor and 140 Km of coastline with lovely beaches and small bays.

The archipelago of La Maddalena has seven magnificent islands (the most important are: La Maddalena, Caprera and Budelli) and more than 60 other little islands of granite and schist. These are surrounded with incredible limpid waters of turquoise, intense blue and emerald green colour. This spectacle is unique in the world!
The atmosphere is more fascinating when there are not so much people, not like in July or August, when it is possible to visit the islands and to enjoy the landscape in complete silence.
Our advice is to enjoy the magic air of this part of world in tranquillity and solitude.
The most interesting thing that you can see when you look at the islands is the forms of the landscape: an incredible exposion of the nature where water and wind are the main protagonists.

The archipelago is rich of natural rarities but most of the visitors don’t notice it. On the islands of Santa Maria, La Maddalena and Budelli, for example, we can admire the Corsican Seagull, which actually risks the extinction.
The Maddalena and the other islands of the archipelago are terrestrial paradises, privileged places that the nature and the time protect.

The summer is not the only good season for visiting the islands: La Maddalena, Caprera and the other islands are beautiful places all year long.